Professor Naylor Discusses Youth Sports

Professor Adam Naylor was interviewed by the Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah. Professor Naylor spoke regarding youth sports, and the relationship between players and parents. Below is an excerpt from Youth Community Sports: To Parents, Youth Sports an ‘Athletic Arms Race’ by Martha Irvine, published in Deseret News on November 21, 2012.


Sports can be seen as a ticket to something bigger, a way to set a kid apart from the pack.

“You try and build the perfect kid,” says Adam Naylor, a clinical assistant professor of sports psychology at Boston University who works with parents and athletes, some as young as age 12.

“It leads to overtraining, overuse and an over-committed kid, which has fallout. But it’s really tough to see that in the moment.”

He recalls one mom who told him: “In this town, if you don’t play club soccer, you’re told your kid won’t make it in life. But we only have money to play town soccer.”

She felt guilty that she couldn’t afford the more expensive private league, like she was failing her kid. She felt pressured, as many parents do.


Read the full article on Deseret News.

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