Upward Bound Math/Science Renewed for 5-Year Grant

This fall, Boston University’s Upward Bound Math/Science Program has been renewed by the U.S. Department of Education for another five-year grant.

The 27-week academic year and 6-week summer programs work in conjunction with public high schools in Boston to prepare and enable low-income, first-generation college bound high school students to pursue higher education and careers in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

“Our goals are to provide the academic and social supports so that students achieve proficiency on MCAS exams, achieve, and sustain grades in a rigorous high school curriculum necessary for college admission, and demonstrate post-secondary completion,” explained Hardin Coleman, Dean of Boston University School of Education.

Funding for Upward Bound Math/Science will allow the program to serve 50 students from its three target high schools:  Brighton High and Charlestown High in Boston, and Chelsea High School. The program’s STEM focus receives support from members of the SED faculty, and faculty in the colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Public Health.

Upward Bound Math/Science is part of the larger Boston University outreach initiative: Boston Public Schools Collaborative.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the School of Education benefit from the community feel of a small school along with the resources of a large university. Our students are in the field in both urban and suburban schools as early as their first year at SED.

Graduate Students

Talented graduate students from around the world prepare to become teachers, counselors, administrators, and more in as little as one year at the School of Education. Our students engage in diverse aspects of education both in the classroom and the field.