Professor Naylor Writes New Sports Blog

Professor Adam Naylor is writing a new sports blog, The Sporting Life, for Psychology Today.

Through this blog, Dr. Naylor aims to look at sports, not from a professional viewpoint, but from the everyman perspective. He looks at sports though the eyes of the parent, adolescent athlete, soccer mom, or the little league coach. In each entry, Dr. Naylor addresses an life aspect of sports, how we view that aspect, and how it affects our daily life.

Dr. Naylor is an excellent source for this blog. Dr. Naylor has spent over a decade educating Olympians, major and minor league professionals, competitors in major collegiate conferences, and elite juniors athletes. His research inquiries lie in understanding best practices for player development and how coaches, parents, and organizations create optimal growth environments for athletes.

Psychology Today is an online community. It aims to gather professionals in the field to look at the subject of “ourselves.” Learn more at

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