Professor Naylor Begins Article Series for The Boston Globe

Professor Adam Naylor will be writing a series of articles examining the mental factors that affect a person’s exercise, play, and sport performance. These will be published in The Boston Globe every Thursday. Check out the first article below (original from The Boston Globe).

Examining the Mental Matters that Influence Your Fitness

Where I’m Coming From

I am a father, husband, teacher, consultant, and eclectic exerciser (depending on my mood you could find me surfing, playing tennis, biking, lifting, plyoing, golfing, or joining just about any athletic activity that my 5 year old can dream up). Perhaps most important to this blog, I have spent the past 20 years studying or teaching about the psychology of play (a.k.a. exercise) (a.a.k.a. sport) in one format or the other. It has been a wonderful adventure taking me from sun drenched tennis courts in Florida to cavernous Canadian hockey rinks, from cramped biofeedback labs to grand Major League ballparks, from community YMCAs to opulent country clubs, from windowless sports medicine clinics to the expansive surf of Nantasket Beach. Throughout it all, it has always been clear that finding playfulness in our pursuits leads to health and high performance.

Where We’re Going

Every other Thursday, we’ll talk about the mental matters that influence your exercise, your play, and your athletic performances. For our purposes let’s say we’re going to focus on your IT Factor. There are so many ways to play… and as you’ll see me remind us time and time again play is so central to getting fit. Because the ways abound, rather than saying exercise, workout, run, etc. let’s assume Nike got it right when they said, “Just Do It.” The IT journey is more complex than “just do,” so our discussions will encompass a variety of aspects of the journey. From starting it to making it stick to turning it all into a high performance lifestyle.

So stay tuned, follow my broodings @ahnaylor, e-mail topics you would like a thought or two about to and enjoy it all.

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