Global Leadership Education

announces its first project:

7 Week Workshop for Educators


Global Leadership Education (GLE) was established by two SED graduate students, with the point of view of, “Better Education, Better World.”

Our organizational goals are twofold:

First, we aim to help students and teachers become open-minded to world issues: given the trend of globalization, teachers should not limit their interests to domestic matters but learn about broad world issues that would be reflected in their classroom teaching.

Second, we aim to help students and teachers fully understand the world issues and to initiate actions that may contribute to resolving/adjusting the issues.

We support everyone who wants to create a better education and a better future.

The GLE workshop series starts on Nov. 3 and is composed of:

  • Guest lectures about global leadership and leadership education
  • Group discussions based on the lectures
  • Guest lectures about curriculum design
  • Designing a leadership class that works in a real classroom
  • Implementation the design
  • A feedback session

The workshop is geared towards the needs of the attendees and will be adaptive to the opinions that participants bring with them.

Although we are targeting teachers for the workshop, the organization serves both students and teachers. You can find about our next projects that involve students.

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