Fall Dodgeball Tourney

Here is the roster for the Fall 2012 dodgeball tournament team:

First Last Degree Program


Their schedule and record is:

Date Time Location Opponent Us Them Stats

Dodgeball Tourney, Fall 2012

September 27th, 2012 in Dodgeball Tournament, Fall 2012, Intramural.

This is the best team for SED students to relive their school days of yore. We are here at SED so that we can stay in school forever, and you can prove it by forming the best dodgeball team in the university. It is very simple, sign up on the main intramural sports page, post a comment here to let people know your interest, and check the Fitrec page for the registration information (sorry, it is not on the page as of the date of this post). One more thing, get out there and start practicing!