Work in Progress Forum

The Work In Progress (WIP) forum provides the opportunity for students and faculty to present their current work to the SED community. These forums have been used as a sounding board for dissertation proposals, practicing for a dissertation defense, etc.

Forums are held approximately every week or two in the Phi Lambda Theta room (SED 250). Check the calendar for more details.

If you are interested in speaking at one of the forums, please fill out this contact form.

Upcoming topics include:

  • Dean Solberg will meet with the graduate students over a lunch (12-1pm) on Thursday, October 17th to discuss research topics and areas where students think they would like help for a possible future Research Seminar put on by the research committee.
  • A special WIP will be held on Wednesday, 20 November that will feature a book reading by Dipak Basu. The title of the book is Mission to Teach—The Life and Legacy of a Revolutionary Educator. More information on this WIP can be found here. If you are planning to attend we request that you RSVP so that we can insure the correct room size.

Past topics include (Note: If the past topic is highlighted as a link, there is a video of the talk. This feature began in October 2012.):

  • Challenges of Civic Education in Emerging Democracies; C. White
  • Of Windows, Trees, and Sand:  The Power of Interdisciplinary Learning; D. Zook
  • Musings on Teaching Adult Educators in China; S. Ellenwood & P. Tate
  • A Study of Cell Phone Etiquette; B. Fraser
  • Political Education in China: A Historical Perspective; H. Du
  • Overseas Teaching and Teaching Decisions; S. Thomas
  • Different Kids—How Typical Schools Are Built to Fail and Need to Change: a Structural Analysis; A. Gaynor
  • Ongoing research in mathematics education; B. Zahner
  • Mathematics immersion as professional development for secondary mathematics teachers; M.E. Matthews
  • Using UDL to build inclusive youth sports teams; R. Sherlock
  • Mul-ti-syl-lab-ic: Beyond length… What makes long words hard to read? D. Kearns