“Wicked Smahtphone” Boston History Challenge

When: Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 12:00pm

Where: Meet at the SED lobby (Lunch will be provided)

If you are new to Boston, an international student, or you just love this great American city, the “Wicked Smahtphone” Boston History Challenge will be a fun activity which will enable you to see Boston’s best historical attractions and make new friends.


Teams of 4-5 people will compete to locate and snap pictures of some of Boston’s most famous landmarks. Not every teammate needs to have a smartphone, but if possible, each team should have several smartphones available, including one in the team leader’s possession.


Getting Ready to Rumble:

  • The GSA will divide participants into teams.
  • Each team will be given a list of clues about some of Boston’s most famous landmarks.
  • Each team will have 2 1/2 hours to complete the challenge. Use your smartphones to find the answers to the clues and determine your route.
  • Take a picture of each landmark. All members of the team must be in the picture, except for the team member taking the picture.
  • Tweet your pictures to: @GSAatSED. Be sure to include the team name, the clue number, and the answer. For example, (@GSAatSED Terriers #3 Old State House), then attach the photo. You can also email photos to sedgsa@bu.edu
  • Each correct picture will be worth 5 points.
    • 3 extra points will be awarded for pictures with random people off the street wearing BU gear.
    • 2 extra points will be awarded for creative pictures (using props, dressing silly, or interesting poses).

The GSA will be keeping score and interacting with the teams through Twitter and email. The team with the most points wins…



Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

We’ll meet back at the SED Lobby at 3pm for some Gatorade, treats, and winner announcements.