Would you like to make a larger impact on SED? If so, please consider running for the GSA board.

While you have seen our visible aspects—this website, intramural sports, social hours, start/end of semester parties, WIP forums, etc.—there are also many behind the scenes aspects of the GSA that you might not be aware of. These include attending the Faculty Assembly, getting feedback from students for SED and the university, and generally pointing people to where the information is. Additionally, the planning and implementation of the events falls on the GSA board.

There board consists of four signatory members and two additional members:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • International Student Liaison
  • First Year Representative (to be elected in early fall semester)

If you are interested in being on the GSA board next year, here are the steps:

  • Read the current GSA constitution.
  • Fill out the nomination form (self-nominations okay).
  • Run a clean, honest campaign.
  • Win the election.
  • Sign the paperwork accepting the office.

What will you get out of being a member of the GSA board? Here are a few benefits:

  • Meet lots of new people in different program areas;
  • Work closely with faculty members;
  • Lunch with Dean Coleman;
  • Dinner with Dean Elmore;
  • The satisfaction of making a positive impact on the SED and BU communities.

It is time to vote for the 2015-16 GSA positions.

For the Social Media Coordinator your candidates are:

  • Dana Dunwoody Today I am writing to the people of SED. I am here to engage you in the words of one driven, highly motivated, extraverted, and passionate Woman, to persuade you in voting for me in the running of the BU SED GSA Social Media Position. I could tell you about my past and everything that I have done from serving as the Social Chair for three student run organizations to traveling the world with organizations for the proliferation of public service programs and community outreach groups, but that is boring. I would rather tell you what I can do for you in the upcoming years for SED GSA. As a driven “professional student” I have learned that there is a time and place for everything; a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to get down, and a time to study, for we would not know how to appreciate one without the other. Through these personal life experiences I have gained a particular set of skills that have enabled me to push through the last consecutive 6 years of higher education and still have the motivation to keep going for the next… well, however long it takes to graduate amount of years. My extroversion has given me humor and the wherewithal to provide a friendly service to the people that is provocative, a service that gets the people going. I say all of this to tell you that my passion for serving the SED population is not just a role that I will do, but as a lover of socialization it will be part of my identity. So I say unto all of you, “People of [BU SED] look at yourselves! Go ahead, take a look around. Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Run amuck! We didn’t land on [Boston], [Boston] landed on us!” So let’s take it back head strong. Are you with me YAY or NAY?? Vote Dana Dunwoody Social Media of the GSA!
  • Javier Martin-Fernandez I believe working as the Social Media coordinator would be an amazing experience. As an opportunity, this would look great on my resume and allow me to become further involved with the SED community. As a job, it would allow me to utilize my creative abilities and showcase my experience with social media. Further, I believe that this is a chance to give back to a university that went above and beyond to accept me and make me feel welcome. I want this position because I want to fully immerse myself with the BU community while I am here. I believe this would be an invaluable experience. As a former athlete I have always excelled within the team setting and feel I can bring that mentality to this position. I am excited for the future ahead and hope I can be a valuable asset to the GSA.

For the International Student Liaison your candidates are:

  • I Lei Chan This is I Lei Chan from Macau, a graduate student from MEd TESOL program. I am running for the election of International Student Liaison. There are main two reasons why I would like to get involved in the SED Graduate Student Association. The first one is because I want to engage myself with the SED family. I have been a secretory in Student Union, president in ICHIBAN KAI organization and a Faculty of Arts and Humanity member of student liaison in University of Macau. From those experience, I have learnt how to cooperate with others, to organize all kind of school activities, to motivate people from different backgrounds working with each other, to collect various voices and opinions from students so as to reflect those to the faculty members. I am eager to share my related experiences and skills with everyone in SED.The second reason is because I want everyone from SED to engage with SED family. I, as an international student, came here far from my hometown, knew very well how that feel, mean, and be. To mingle with the cultures other than our own, to acquaint with people from all over the world and to create the most valuable memories while studying at Boston University, is what I intend to do. Being an international student liaison, I want to provide assistances to other international students to achieve what they desire by being the bridge they may need.
  • Di Ding Hello, my name is Di Ding, a first-year graduate student in EdM TESOL program. I am running for the position of International Student Liaison. As an international student, I totally understand the difficulties that all international students will meet in a foreign country. I know it is tough. Having been an exchange student in the United States makes me more experienced in dealing with these difficulties. I am willing to help other international students adapt to new life smoothly. Moreover, as an open-minded and communicative person, I believe that I can voice the concerns of international students effectively. If elected, I will try my best to satisfy the needs of international students and make them more involved in the community.
  • Emma Kantrov  I would like to be elected the GSA’s International Student Liaison to help integrate international students into BU’s graduate student community. I have experience working with young refugees and immigrants in America and also served as an American cultural ambassador at a university in Brazil, where I gained experience organizing fun events to get students learning and talking about American culture. My favorite part of that experience was seeing how much the students enjoyed teaching me about their country, so I also want to invite BU’s international students to share their cultures and help BU and the GSA foster an authentic and meaningful cultural exchange.



Please choose who you would like to represent you as an SED Graduate Student on the GSA Board for the following positions:
  • Social Media Coordinator: The social media coordinator shall be responsible for overseeing, improving and implementing changes to the GSA website. The social media coordinator shall be responsible for social networking through GSA’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. S/he may be a matriculating or current graduate student.
  • The International Student Liaison shall be responsible for bringing the needs of international students to the attention of the board. S/he will assist in planning and carrying out of all SED-GSA events, and work towards increasing the level of integration of international students within the SED community.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Looking back at the past year, feels good to see that we have been able to affect positive change in an organization that was already doing a good job of supporting its members. Our biggest change has been the addition of this website as support infrastructure for future GSA boards. The website has also been our biggest challenge—how to get our members to use it on a regular basis.

Serving on the GSA board has allowed me to see many more sides of SED than I would have had I not become involved. College has changed considerably since my undergraduate days, and it has been interesting to see the differences. As someone who is used to working behind the scenes, my involvement with the GSA has helped me get used to working out front.

For anyone considering running for the board, here is a bit of advice. Consider the position to be a 2-credit course on an erratic schedule. Many things can be planned out in advance (e.g., events and meetings), but there will be various items that crop up from time to time that will require your immediate attention. Although you are still a student, as a board member you are a student leader, and as such you often act as a bridge between the school and your members.

On a side note, I have to admit that when Kelly P. left SED to become a sixth grade teacher, I felt like an interloper assuming her place as president. Despite the rigors of becoming the new teacher at a school, Kelly has always given advice and continued to support the GSA. We have definitely benefited from her time here as a student and as staff.

In closing, I want to thank all of this year’s board members for their efforts and support. Thanks also to Jackie Boyle our adviser for her unwavering support.

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