Stay Warm!

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Are you feeling a slight chill today? You should because you can count the temperature on the fingers of one hand (do not take off your mittens to count ;). Stay warm by buying an SED sweatshirt. Red crewneck sweats are $15 (see below) and grey hooded sweats are $20. These will be available at the social hour next Monday.

SED Sweats

Upcoming WIP by Andrew Duffy

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Andrew Duffy, from the Physics department in CAS, will be presenting a WIP this semester on ways of interacting with, and reaching students. We are currently working on a date. Stay tuned for more information.

Andrew was awarded the Metcalf Cup in Spring 2012.

WIP: Bernie Luger—Making Lemonade from Lemons: Shrinking Your Way to Better Data

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Making Lemonade from Lemons: Shrinking Your Way to Better Data


This light-hearted talk will address one of the great conundra in experimental research: what do you do when you don’t have as much data as you’d like? Sometimes we think there’s just two options:

1. Get more data, or

2. Live with it!

But there’s a third option: Bayesian Shrinkage!

What’s that? Come to WIP and find out. I’ll give a brief overview, show a few examples, and illustrate some of the pitfalls.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – come see how it has been used and misused in educational research!



Spring 2013 Graduation

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If you are planning on graduating from SED in May 2013, you need to apply to graduate!

Applications are due to the Records office, SED 127, by February 1st, 2013. Applications can be found
outside of SED127 or

Also, check out SED’s graduation website for all information regarding the SED ceremony and the BU

Please contact the SED Records office if you have any questions, or 617-353-4235


Deb McCullough
Manager of Student Records

Sorry about today

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If you came to SED today for sandwiches, our vendor unfortunately forgot to make the order. We will have a “make up” social hour later in the semester.

Sorry about any confusion.

GRASA funding deadline

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The Graduate Research and Scholarship Awards (GRASA) for travel has an application deadline of  15-February-2013. Check out for more information.

Last call for Spring intramural teams

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If you want to play on an intramural team this spring, sign up now. Teams will be registered on Wednesday, 16 January 2013. Find out more and sign up here.