Elections for the 2015-2016 GSA board are coming up. To learn more or nominate someone or yourself go to the elections page under ABOUT THE GSA.

Graduate Student Association

Welcome to the Graduate Student Association for the School of Education.

We are committed to fostering a sense of community among all students and faculty at SED and creating a diverse and enriching social and academic experience for students.  Throughout the course of the year, we run programming to help graduate students interact with faculty, staff, Boston, and each other. Faculty are always welcome at our events, and we encourage faculty participation.

This year we are partnering with the undergraduate student government (SEDSG) for many events. Your participation is needed to make the events successful and to grow our community.


Upcoming events and ongoing activities include:

  • Monthly Social Hours in the SED Lobby, featuring sandwiches from T’Anthony’s, from 3:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m on the dates listed on the events page.
  • Work in Progress Forums in SED 250
  • Monthly Pub Nights at Scoozi (right across the street from SED). (TBD)
  • Night out at at Boston University Men’s Hockey game
  • End of the semester mixer
  • Fall and spring intramural sports

Did you participate in one of our events, check the completed events page for pictures (not all events have pictures, why not attend and take some…).

We hope that you will join your classmates  and us at these events (and more!) throughout the year. Register for these events and check back often for other events, right on our brand new website: bu.edu/sed-gsa!  We have been working hard all summer to create an online space for graduate students to connect with social and academic programming at the School of Education.   Please take some time to explore the site, express your thoughts on potential events, and connect with us.

We look forward to meeting you!

RSS Feed

You can subscribe to a RSS feed by going to this page www.bu.edu/sed-gsa/feed/, and subscribing with your web browser. (Note: not all browsers support RSS subscriptions. We have tested this using firefox.)

You can also find the GSA on Facebook and Twitter. (Please note that these other sites are not our primary means of connecting with you. For best results, use this site.)

2014–2015 Officers

  • Caroline vanBruinswaardt, Ed.D., Special Education – President
  • Taryn Hargrove Gore, Ed.D., Counseling Psychology – Vice President
  • Chonlada Jarukitisakul, Ed.D., Counseling Psychology – Secretary
  • Chelsey Bowman, Ed.M., Counseling Psychology – Treasurer

2013–2014 Officers

  • Richard Fox, Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Development – President
  • Mushi Li, Ed.M., Language and Literature – Vice President
  • Deanna Perez, Ed.M., Counseling and Sports Psychology – Secretary
  • Tom Hunt, Ed.D., Curriculum and Teaching – Treasurer

2012–2013 Officers

  • Tom Hunt, Ed.D., Curriculum and Teaching – President
  • Brian Bullock, Ed.M., Educational Media and Technology – Vice President
  • Kelly Proulx, Ed.M., Curriculum and Teaching – Secretary
  • Bernie Luger, Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Development – Treasurer
  • Kelly Flynn, Ed.M., Teaching English as a Second Language, 5-12 – First-Year Liaison
  • Ana Leirner, Ed.M., Educational Media and Technology – International Student Liaison