Masters of Engineering in Systems Engineering


Systems engineering provides a critical lens for today’s companies to deal with real-world complexities such as uncertainty, constraints, multiple objectives, and the relationships among the various parts or subsystems,   To address this need, the Masters of Engineering (MEng) is designed to provide professionals seeking advancement and a better technical skill set for dealing with these challenges of designing and managing large-scale complex systems.

In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects growth in the number of engineering professionals in the coming years, and also indicates that those with advanced technical knowledge and communication skills will be best positioned for those jobs.   Ranked by CNN Money Magazine as the #1 Job opportunity in 2009, system engineering  multi-disciplinary skill set positions engineering professionals to take advantage of these career opportunities become more prominent in the years to come.

The Masters of Engineering (MEng), in Systems Engineering (SE),  is based on a unique interdisciplinary professional degree program designed for students focusing on engineering, consulting, or management careers in industry or government.

Masters Courses:

Within this broad array of concentration areas, the program  provides the quantitative and analytical science theory, methods and tools that will enable graduates to model, design, analyze, and optimize human-made and physical systems. It also provides the opportunity to conduct a project related to the MEng students’ professional interests under the expert supervision of our faculty. To learn more about courses, credit hours, and other program details, please visit the Masters of Engineering (MEng) under Academics.

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