Student Business Cards

SE graduate students can purchase business cards through the BU Print Center!

The business cards will include your name, title (Graduate Student), Concentration (could indicate PhD, MS or MEng here with other information such as your advisor), Phone, Cell, Email 1, Email 2, Personal Website and the Boston University logo. (some fields are optional).  The pricing is 100 = $25; 200 = $50; 300 = $75.

To order online,
1. Go to
2. Enter username “studentsyseng” and password “syseng14
3. Enter your information
4. Purchase your cards
5. Pick them up in the Division when you receive a notification that your cards have arrived.

The Division will reimburse up to $25.00 for your business card order IF you are a member of a systems-related professional society such as IEEE (subject to review by the Division).

  • Fill out a Travel and Business Expense Form.  Submit to Elizabeth Flagg with:
  • your business card receipt and indication of your professional society membership

If you have any questions about the online ordering system, please email