Post-Master’s Ph.D.

Students entering the doctoral program with a prior MS degree in Engineering must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours of additional, unstructured coursework.  Students are expected to take the courses needed to pass the subject qualifying examination.  A minimum of 8 credit hours of research/dissertation is required.

Students must also take SE 801 Teaching Practice 1 and SE 802 Teaching Practice 2.  These courses cannot be used to meet the structured course requirements. Practical teaching experience for an assigned course, includes some combination of running discussion sections, managing laboratory sections, providing some lectures, preparing homework and solution sets, exams, and grading. Attend lectures/seminars on best teaching practices. Total time commitment: up to 20 hours/week for one semester for each course.

In addition to credit requirements, each student must:

  • successfully pass the area qualifying exam
  • successfully propose and defend an original body of dissertation work