PhD Student Travel Award

The Division of Systems Engineering has a limited number of Student Travel Awards to defray the cost of attending a conference or other worthwhile meeting related to a student’s research. The student must be an author or co-author of a paper accepted for presentation and the paper must be included in the conference/meeting program. The student must also be the one who presents the paper at the conference/meeting.

Every Division student who has passed his/her PhD qualifying exam is eligible for a Student Travel Award.  You can request an award before the travel event occurs by contacting your advisor, who can then nominate you by sending a message to the Associate Head, Professor Hua Wang. The message should be accompanied by (a) a copy of the paper abstract, and (b) evidence that the paper is included in the conference/meeting program (e.g., web site containing the program or a page showing where the paper is scheduled in the program).

Each student is allowed one award per calendar year. The award will be a reimbursement of actual expenses up to a limit of $1,000. per student. Awards will be made on a first-come-first-served basis during the year. If more requests are received than our budget allows, then the Head and Associate Head will make selections based on the students’ qualifications, and with priority given to first-time applicants and students who are still early in their research and can  benefit most by attending a conference/meeting.

All awards will be made by check after submitting a travel reimbursement form with original receipts.

If you have any question about these awards, please feel free to contact Ruth Mason (, 617-353-4622) or Elizabeth Flagg (, 617-358-0351) for more information.