Yangfeng Geng, 2nd Prize-IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge competition

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December 19th, 2011












Congratulations to Yanfeng Geng, an SE PhD student, who  won 2nd place in the IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge competition. Geng won the prize together with a student team he put together for to the “Smart Parking” work he has been pursuing with his adviser, Professor Christos Cassandras.

The IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge prizes are given based on the relevance to a project to an actual real world problem, the clarity and significance of the engineering, computing, and other principles and concepts featured in the project, the degree to which the project allows for alternate methods of solution, and the degree to which the project can be replicated at other institutions. Each year 9 teams win the prizes (3 in Boston, 3 in the United Kingdom, and 3 in the Republic of Ireland).