Bird of the Month - November 2006

Purple-Throated Carib (Eulampis jugularis )

Name in French: Colibri Madère

Local names: many local variants exist, including variations of Madè, Fou-fou, Fal-wouj, Doctor Bird, Ruby-throat, etc. Most local names are shared with other hummingbirds.

The Purple-Throated Carib is a large, beautifully colored hummingbird found on most islands of the Lesser Antilles. This species in endemic to this area, which means that it is not found outside the Lesser Antilles.


Range and Habitat Needs

Threat display in a male Purple-Throated Carib defending his favorite source of food. The display can last shorter or longer, but often is followed by the more traditional chase.

Interesting Facts

Threats and Conservation

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