SCI Guide: Understanding the Rating Criteria

This page can help you think about what each of the criteria mean and how to rate them.

Overall Score

  • What is your overall impression of the site? (If it’s helpful, you can go through the other criteria first and then come back to this one)
  • Is there something special that this site has overall that makes it really great for the SCI community or for people in general?


  • Is there a way to verify the legitimacy of this organization (i.e. phone number, postal address)?
  • Are the sources for any factual information listed?
  • Does the information on the page seem current to you?


  • Does the page seem complete to you (content, aesthetics, each section)?
  • Is it clear what topics the page intends to address and does it succeed in addressing these topics?
  • Is the point of view of the organization presented in a clear manner so that you know of any biases they might hold?


  • Is the page well-designed?
  • Is the content clear and easy-to-read?
  • Is it easy to maneuver the site?


  • Does the page include working links?
  • Is the page easy to load?
  • Are the site and its features easy to use?


  • Is there something that makes this site stand out as new and innovative?
  • Are there features/content/etc that this site has that others don’t have?


  • How useful did you find the information/articles/links to be overall?
  • How useful do you think the site’s content is for the SCI community?


  • How important is the content covered on this site compared to other sites out there?
  • How important is the content for the SCI community?
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