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 Cleveland Heights High School  


Photo diagram      1. Jessica Skorubski; 2. Dan Hoak; 3. Valerie Taylor; 4. Emily Lyman; 5. Sherri Stephan; 6. Andrew Stephan; 7. Valerie Maher; 8. Janine Lyn; 9. Neal Shen; 10. Tim Cook; 11. Dan Cotton; 12. Pallamraju Duggirala; 13. Ashish Sodhi; 14. Jeremy Coombs; 15. Supriya Chakrabarti; 16. Melanie Jetter; 17. Farzad Kamalabadi; 18. William Oliver; 19. Marge Meehan; 20. Yann-bor Lin; 21. Model of the spacecraft.
Not pictured: Sarah Alves, Jeff Baumgardner, Michael Bellino, David Bradford, Kevin France, Gregory Lemieux, Kathy Nottingham, Frank Sienkiewicz, Francesca E. Simon, Jim Vickers, Kevin Wilton.  
16 April 1999
Center for Space Physics
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