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TERRIERS Specifications:

(all mass in kgs)

Spacecraft Mass125 kg
Electric Power System Mass14.7 kg
Command and Data Handling Mass11.5 kg
Communications Mass8.1 kg
Attitude Control System Mass8.3 kg
Thermal System Mass0.3 kg
Structures Mass and what it is made of7.8 kg
Lifetime (Months)12
Battery TypeNiCad
Battery Capacity (A-hrs)4.8
Begin of Life Power (watts)31 W
Solar Array MakeupFixed panel
Number of Kilobytes of Data Downloaded per Day20 MB ave 40 MB burst
Kilobytes per Second Downloaded32
Number of Kilobytes Uploaded per Uplink4
Bit Error RateLink dependent
Power Available for Communications (watts)1.8 Wave (22.4 Wave)
Whether it uses X-band or S-band CommunicationS-Band
3 Axis or Spin StabilizedSpin Stabilized
Propulsion System?None
Apogee (km)550
Pointing Accuracy (degrees)0.25
Pointing Knowledge (degrees)0.25
26 May 1999
Center for Space Physics
Prepared by
Networked Information Services
Office of Information Technology
Boston University