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  The Satellite:

Virtual tour:
Take a virtual tour of this sophisticated spacecraft. Click on individual components for descriptions.

Specifications of the spacecraft, including masses, lifetime, battery type and life, communications, stabilization, pointing accuracy, etc.

Technical information concerning four main components of the TERRIERS satellite: GISSMO, TESS, the Photometers and the Radio Beacon.

Clean Room:
This sterile environment on the 5th floor of the College of Arts and Sciences building on campus was the satellite's home for 3 years during development, construction and testing.

Clean Room Video:   
(You need the free RealPlayer.)
A cleanroom is a controlled environment for building and testing a satellite. This video describes why such an arrangement is necessary.

Make your own satellite:
Follow the instructions to print, cut and glue together a model of the TERRIERS satellite. (The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.)

26 May 1999
Center for Space Physics
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