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  The Mission:

The TERRIERS satellite mission is designed to study the ionosphere - the electrically charged portion of the earth's upper atmosphere. "Space weather" conditions in the ionosphere have wide-ranging consequences.

Mission Operations/Status:   
TERRIERS mission operations is ongoing at the Center for Space Physics at Boston University. This page presents the mission status and a review of the mission to date.

Background on the scientific study of the ionosphere and the history of the TERRIERS mission.

Milestones in the funding, development, construction, testing and launch of the TERRIERS satellite.

(You need the free RealPlayer.)
Radio interview with Daniel Cotton (Principal Investigator) and Supriya Chakrabarti (Co-Investigator), from the WBUR program "Here and Now."

TERRIERS Location:   
Current location of the TERRIERS satellite. If prior to launch, this will show the drop location.

Mission Control/Operator Responsibilities:
Located on the fourth floor of the Astronomy department at Boston University, student operators control the movement of the satellite as it crosses over Boston in a sun-synchronous orbit.

Space Weather:
Solar winds blast the Earth's magnetosphere, creating radiation storms invisible to the human eye. Why should this concern us ... and why study it?

Online scientific papers discussing components and operations of the TERRIERS mission. Also, a list of other publications related to TERRIERS.

25 May 1999
Center for Space Physics
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