Boston University Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

Sargent Choice and You

Here’s a quick nutritional test. Which of these BU students is making better eating choices?

The Sargent Choice StoryJoan and Bonnie are roommates. Bonnie lives on fast food burgers, soft drinks and sweets. She keeps candy bars and chips on hand for late-night snacking. Joan, on the other hand, worries about her weight. She gave up some of the foods she loves, like bread and pizza. At mealtime, she uses willpower to stop eating before she feels full. She tries not to snack, but if she’s famished between meals, she munches green vegetables and low-calorie foods like rice cakes.

The truth is that both girls need a little nutritional help. Not just to be healthier but to have more energy, feel happier and do their best in school. That’s why we’re here.

For most people, healthy eating isn’t automatic. You may have spent years learning not so healthy eating habits—or simply having someone else make choices for you. Now that your eating decisions are totally up to you, you may find the world makes it hard to do the right thing. Restaurants serve you too much of some foods and not enough of others. Tight schedules pressure you to grab nutrient-poor fast foods on the run. Convenient processed foods tempt you at every turn.

Even if you’d like to eat wisely, you probably think it takes more time than you can spare. More willpower than you have. And more sacrifices than you’re willing to make.

Well, maybe it does out there. But not here. Because at BU, you have a one-of-a-kind food and education program called Sargent Choice.

All over campus, you’ll find Sargent Choice meals and snacks that are not only delicious but also amazingly healthy. From Moroccan Chicken to shrimp pesto pizza to peanut butter cookies. From dining halls to the FitRec Center. You don’t have to count carbs or wonder if your sandwich will taste like cardboard. We’ve done all the nutritional math and real-people taste tests for you. All you have to do is look for the Sargent Choice logo on soups, salads, entrees, sandwiches, desserts and take-out items. You won’t believe how good they taste.

Sargent Choice foods aren’t available anywhere but here at BU. Which makes you incredibly lucky. So take advantage. Eating well will never be this easy again.