Boston University Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

Retail Grab & Go

Next time you visit the GSU, Breadwinners at SMG, or FitRec, take a minute to look at the tantalizing array of Sargent Choice grab & go options.  You won’t believe your eyes.  Tender grilled shrimp and luscious mango on a bed of whole wheat couscous, black beans and fresh cilantro with zesty citrus dressing, grilled summer squash and cherry tomatoes.   Outrageous!  And the Shrimp & Mango salad is just one of ten salads in our current rotation.  You’ll find sandwiches like Chicken Pesto and Turkey Avocado Caesar too.  Thought you had to give up pizza?  Think again. Barbeque Chicken Breast and Caramelized Onion pizza on a whole wheat crust is just one of 15 varieties you will find rotating at the GSU.  You can believe your eyes.  The days when healthy eating meant missing out on all the fun are over.