Boston University Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

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What’s Cooking?

Every Sargent Choice meal begins as a very tasty idea. Maybe it was a delicious meal that we ate at a restaurant. Mom’s famous meatloaf.  Stacey’s favorite chocolate chip cookies. Or the simple, creative genius of our award-winning chefs. Regardless of the inspiration, the journey from idea to plate requires the healthiest ingredients AND consumer appeal (that’s you). And of course our favorite part, taste tests!

Check out the outrageously healthy meals we’re serving right now in the dining hall and retail locations. Not on campus? We’ve got recipes, cooking videos, and much more to come to help you eat Sargent Choice at home.

Are we missing your favorite dish? Send us the recipe and we’ll take a look. We can’t promise it will make it to the menu but we’re always looking for the next tasty idea.