Sargent College Application for Graduation

Please complete the application below so that the Sargent Academic Services Center can designate you as a degree candidate with the BU Registrar. You will then be asked to update your graduation information via the BU StudentLink. Please note that if you have restricted the release of information about your degrees, honors, etc. (StudentLink Personal profile), your degree information cannot be made public and we will not be able to print your name in the BU or Sargent commencement programs.
  • Please provide your permanent (post-BU) email address in case we need to get in touch with you after graduation.
  • Which degree will you be receiving?

  • Undergraduate Degree Candidates only:

  • Graduate Program Degree Candidates (MS, MSOT, DPT, PhD) only:

  • PhD Degree Candidates only:

    Doctoral students must consult with their advisors about their eligibility to participate in commencement.