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Language Science Laboratory

Current Research

Assessment of Comprehension Skills in Older Struggling Readers; Agency: Dept. of Education

The Language Science Lab strives to develop a new, comprehensive, computerized language assessment battery that can be used to assess the comprehension problems of older (Grades 7–10) struggling readers. This project will fill the need for a theoretically motivated, cost-effective, comprehensive assessment of language related to literacy development. This will allow educators to identify which subsets of comprehension skills are abnormal in particular students, to target these deficiencies in focused remediation programs, and to assess whether the various subcomponents of reading are becoming more accurate, efficient, and automatized with instruction. Normative data is currently being obtained in skilled readers.

It is hoped the results will help create a more comprehensive language assessment for older, struggling readers.

Language Comprehension in Aging and AD-Language Tests-DAT; Agency: National Institutes of Health

The purpose of this study is to help identify how the nerves and structures in the brain work together to understand and communicate verbally (i.e., language). This study will compare the results of individuals who have a language disorder due to Alzheimer’s disease to individuals without a language disorder. This comparison may help further identify the relationship among language, brain structures, and nerves. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease are currently being studied.

It is hoped the results will help to better determine how the brain supports language and communication skills.