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Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund

About The Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund

The Dudley Allen Sargent Research Fund (DASRF) was initiated in 1966 by the Class of 1921, as both a memorial and a tribute to the founder of Sargent College. The fund is supported by contributions from alumni and friends of the College, as well as from the indirect funds generated by sponsored research conducted by faculty of Sargent College.

The purpose of the DASRF Doctoral Student Competition is to give financial assistance to Sargent College students involved in various areas of research when the lack of such assistance might result in the dilution of the project or its delayed completion. Any student who is enrolled in a Sargent College post-professional doctoral degree program may apply.

The purpose of the DASRF Faculty/Post-doctoral Competition is to provide seed money to various areas of research undertaken at the College. Any regular, research, clinical faculty member and/or post-doctoral fellow currently affiliated with Sargent College may apply. This affiliation must be active during the entire periods of requested DASRF support.

Applications will be judged competitively by the DASRF Review Committee. The DASRF Review Committee will meet twice each year, once for the Doctoral Student Competition and once of the Faculty/Post-doctoral Competition, to review applications and to make award decisions.

Review Criteria

Applications will be evaluated according to the importance and relevance of the research question(s) being addressed, adequacy of the research design and proposed methods, and the feasibility of the project.