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The Research Review Committee Application

The Sargent College Research Review Committee (SAR/RRC) reviews all student research projects within the College that involve the use of or data from human subjects. The principal investigator for these projects must be a student and the project must represent specific student work (e.g., thesis, dissertation, independent study, pilot). Projects that receive external research funding or are adaptations of a faculty member’s primary project need to be reviewed by the Charles River Campus Institutional Review Board (CRC-IRB). Any questions concerning which committee should review a given student project can be directed to Laura Badgett at 617-353-9378.

A complete application (available for download, see below) must include the eight items described on the application. Two hard copies and a soft copy of the application must be submitted directly to the SAR/RRC chair. Exempt and expedited reviews, which represent the majority of student research projects, will be completed within four weeks of their receipt during Semesters I & II of the academic year. Applications received over winter and summer break may be deferred until the academic year.

Student research proposals that cannot be expedited or exempted require approval of a quorum of the SAR/RRC during a convened meeting. The SAR/RRC chair will notify the principal investigator within two weeks of the receipt of the application of the proposed time line for completion of such “full reviews.”

Please be sure to read the descriptions of federal regulations governing the use of human subjects in research; they may be useful in preparing applications. Consult key definitions and criteria for SAR/RRC approval; exempt research, which describes categories of research exempt from further review by the CRC-IRC; and expedited research, which describes categories of research which may be reviewed by the SAR/RRC using an expedited procedure, prior to a convened meeting. Informed consent provides general requirements and sample paragraphs.

In accordance with federal guidelines, projects receive approval for one year. Reapplication is necessary for continued work. When approved, you will receive your stamped/initialed informed consent form with the expiration date regarding the human subjects’ approval. At the end of the year, or your project, you should submit a summary of the project’s activities (Report of Status).

Do not submit student IRB Protocol Applications directly to the CRC-IRB. Please submit your initial application request to Laura Badgett, 635 Commonwealth Avenue, RM 223.