Kathleen G. Morgan, PhD

Kathleen G. Morgan, PhD

Professor, Department of Health Sciences
Director of Cytoskeleton & Signaling Lab
BS (Chemistry) College of Mt. St. Joseph
PhD (Pharmacology) University of Cincinnati
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Cytoskeleton & Signaling Laboratory
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Courses Taught

  • SAR HS750 Critical analysis of the Physiological Literature.

Scholarly Interests

Interactions between signaling proteins and cytoskeletal proteins, the differentiated smooth muscle cell; mechanisms of trafficking of signaling molecules; stroke, hypertension, pre-term labor.

Selected Publications from a total of 136

  • Saphirstein RJ, Gao YZ, Lin QQ, Morgan KG. Cortical actin regulation modulates vascular contractility and compliance in veins. J Physiol. 2015 Jun 19.
  • Gao YZ, Saphirstein RJ, Yamin R, Suki B, Morgan KG. Aging impairs smooth muscle-mediated regulation of aortic stiffness: a defect in shock absorption function? Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2014 Oct 15;307(8):H1252-61.
  • Saphirstein RJ, Morgan KG. The contribution of vascular smooth muscle to aortic stiffness across length scales. Microcirculation. 2014 Apr;21(3):201-7.
  • Jensen MH, Morris EJ, Gallant CM, Morgan KG, Weitz DA, Moore JR. Mechanism of calponin stabilization of cross-linked actin networks. Biophys J. 2014;106(4):793-800.
  • Morgan KG. The importance of the smooth muscle cytoskeleton to preterm labour. Exp Physiol. 2014 Mar;99(3):525-9.
  • Kim HR, Gallant C, Morgan KG. Regulation of PKC autophosphorylation by calponin in contractile vascular smooth muscle tissue. Biomed Res Int. 2013;2013:358643. Epub 2013. 
  • Vetterkind S, Poythress RH, Lin QQ, Morgan KGHierarchical scaffolding of an ERK1/2 activation pathway. Cell Commun Signal. 2013;11:65.
  • Poythress RH, Gallant C, Vetterkind S, Morgan KG. Vasoconstrictor-induced endocytic recycling regulates focal adhesion protein localization and function in vascular smooth muscle. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2013 Jul 15;305(2):C215-27. Epub 2013 May 22. 
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  • Lee Y-H, Gallant C, Guo H, Li Y, Wang C-LA, Morgan KG. Regulation of vascular smooth muscle tone by N-terminal region of caldesmon: Possible role of tethering actin to myosin. J. Biol. Chem. 2000; 275(5):3213-20.
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  • Kim HR, Appel S, Vetterkind S, Gangopadhyay SS, Morgan KG. Smooth muscle signaling pathways in health and disease. J Cell Mol Med 2008; 12:2165-80.
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Current Research Funding

2007-2012 NIH 1P01 HL86655 (1-5), Pincipal Investigator of P01, Project 1 and Core A “Dynamics of the Vascular Smooth Muscle Cytoskeleton”
2006-2011 NIH 1R01 HL080003(1-5), Principal Investigator “Subcellular Organization of Signaling in Smooth Muscle”
2005-2010 NIH 2R01 HL31704 (21-25), Principal Investigator “Regulation of Contraction and Growth of Blood Vessels”
2003-2009 NIH 1 R01 HD043054 (1-6), Principal Investigator “Signaling and Uterine Contractility during Pregnancy”

Current Editorial Responsibilities

2002- Editorial Board of American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology
2005- Editorial Board of Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
2008- Guest Editor for Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
2008- Editorial Board of Cell Health and Cytoskeleton

Awards and Honors

1975-1976 Ryan Fellow
1984-1989 American Heart Association Established Investigator
1992-1993 Wellcome Visiting Professor in the Basic Medical Sciences
1998- Fellow, Cardiovascular Section of the American Physiological Society
2006-2011 Honorary Faculty Fellow, Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK