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Karen Jacobs quoted: Backpack Safety Tips for Back and Neck Health

(7/8/17) Clinical Professor Karen Jacobs quoted. Expert quote: “Children may report having discomfort or pain, but with no longitudinal studies on backpack use, we are taking the evidence-based literature and extrapolating what we see.” Read full article here.

Boston Metro: “Boston researchers develop a robotic suit to help stroke patients walk”

(8/2/17) Stroke patients may soon be able to wear a robotic suit that can help them walk without a limp. Researchers at Boston University’s College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences and the Harvard School of Engineering worked together to develop a wearable “soft” robotic suit, also called an exosuit, that... More

Post-stroke patients reach terra firma with exosuit technology

A soft wearable robotic suit promotes normal walking in stroke patients, opening new approaches to gait re-training and rehabilitation Upright walking on two legs is a defining trait in humans, enabling them to move very efficiently throughout their environment. This can all change in the blink of an eye when a... More

Prof Zlatka Russinova quoted: Five Ways to Manage Your Chronic Illness at Work

(6/29/17) Research Associate Professor and Senior Research Specialist at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR) Zlatka Russinova quoted. Expert quote: "It's very important for people to balance between work requirements and their mental health." Read full article here.

WATCH: SAR 2017 Convocation Speaker Dr. Jonathan Woodson

BU Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy Director Dr. Jonathan Woodson delivers the 2017 Sargent College Commencement Address.