Sargent Room Schedule

Please use the links below to see the availability of proprietary rooms in Sargent. A form to request a room can be found at the bottom of each page. Please be specific when describing your meeting purpose and include associated course numbers.

For Registrar’s classrooms SAR 101, 102, 104, 218, and 300:

  • Room requests associated with scheduled university classes as well as non-class events should be directed to
  • Room requests associated with student organizations should be directed to SAO.

Please note: Requests should be made more than 24 business hours in advance to ensure adequate time for processing. If your reservation is for a Monday, please send the request through no later than 4pm on the previous Friday.

If you need to cancel a conference room booking, please submit a cancellation request.

Conference Rooms

200 (Alumni Conference Room): 14–18 seats
257 (Gayle R. Berg Conference Room):10 seats
303: 12–16 seats
417: 10–15 seats
546: 16 seats

Classrooms (only those scheduled by Sargent)

107: 20 seats
220: 30 seats
610: 30 seats

Clinical Education

218A: 5 seats, reserved for Clin Ed. purposes



Computer Lab

236: 21 seats

Open Spaces/Lounges

Sargent Lobby (1st floor)
Setterberg Lounge (2nd floor)
Undergraduate Lounge (3rd floor, 301)
Graduate Lounge (3rd floor, 305)

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