Important Forms

Door Card Reader Access

To request access to a Sargent door via ID card access, please use the Card Reader Access Form.

Equipment Reservations

To reserve MSC equipment, please use the Equipment Reserve Form.

Media Setup

To request technology/media setup for your class or meeting, please use the Media/Technology Setup Form.

Facilities Requests

Please submit all Facilities requests using the Facilities Request Form.

Key Request

To request a key to a Sargent room, please use the Key Request Form.

Reserve Materials

Download the Reserve Materials Form and bring to the MSC with your reserve materials.

Network Access Requests

To grant network access or request access to a specific folder on Sar-net, please use the Network Authorization Form. For all other IT requests or problems please use  the Desktop Services Help Form.

HIPAA Network Access Request

If you require HIPAA protected access, please download this Authorization Form. Once you’ve completed the form, please send to

Web Conferencing/Adobe Connect

For assistance with web conferencing technology including Adobe Connect and Skype, please submit the Web Conferencing Request Form.