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How to Get Started with Video Editing

This page was designed to help you utilize MSC resources to shoot, edit and render videos. While it was originally created to help practicum students, the concepts explained are applicable to most projects. These videos are meant as a starting point. If you have any additional questions please feel free to speak to me at the MSC. My name is Justin.


Setting up your shoot

This video was shot by another Media Tech here at Sargent, but it has some excellent tips on how to use a tripod, where to set up your cameras, and how get the most out of your shoot.


Basic Overview

Watch this first to understand the general work flow of how all the different functions of Final Cut Pro work together.


Formatting Your Hard Drive

If you need help reformatting your hard drive so that it will work on a Mac, watch this video. Note: reformatting your drive will erase all the information that is on your hard drive, so be sure and back any files that you want to keep.



Setting Up Your Project

Properly setting up your project will ensure that your files are saved onto your hard drive. This process is also called setting up your “capture scratch.”



Importing Footage from a HD camera

This video will show you how to copy your footage off of a HD camera and into Final Cut Pro.



Importing Footage from a Movie file.

If you have some video files that you would like to edit in Final Cut Pro you follow these steps.


How to Edit

After watching this video you will be able to use the three most basic editing tools in Final Cut Pro. They are the Selection tool, the Razor blade tool, and the Zoom tool.


Creating Voice Over

If you are interested in creating a voice over track watch this tutorial. It will show you how to attach a microphone to your computer and record your voice directly into Final Cut Pro.



Audio Editing

This tutorial will explain how to import and edit sound files. It will be helpful if you have created voice over tracks and want more information on how to manipulate them in your time line.



Using Text

Text is a powerful tool to help convey information. This video will show you how to create and edit text.


Adding Graphics

Watching this tutorial will teach you how to import graphics into Final Cut Pro.


Creating a DVD chapter menu

If you are interested in creating a DVD with chapter menus, this video will show you how to prepare your movie in Final Cut Pro for iDVD.


How to create a movie file for PC or Mac

This video will show you how to create a .mp4 movie file. This file format is very good as it works on most PCs and Macs, can be inserted into PowerPoint files, and has very high quality images for a relatively small file size.


Exporting a Movie for use in iDVD

This quick tutorial will show you the correct procedure for exporting a video that will work efficiently in iDVD.




Making a playable DVD

This tutorial will show you how to use iDVD to create a disk that will play in DVD players and in computers.