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How to Edit a Treatment Room DVD Video

Copying Video Files off the DVD

To transfer a movie from a DVD to your computer you will need to have HandBreak installed on your computer. Go to: and download the latest version for free. Note: the DVD must be finalized.

Watch this video on how to use HandBreak.

Basic Editing of Video Files

Once the files are off of the DVD you can play them on your computer or insert them directly into PowerPoint. These movies can also be edited by most editing software including iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker. This tutorial will go over how to use QuickTime pro. In the video below, I will show you how to do some very basic editing tasks like trimming a clip and combining two clips together.

To install QuickTime go to:

Once it has been installed you will need to upgrade your version of QuickTime to QuickTime Pro. The MSC has a few licenses available for you to use. Please email me at, and I will supply you with a license.

Trimming video:

Combining two clips:

Inserting and Saving Videos in PowerPoint

In the video below I will show you how easy and quick it is to insert video into PowerPoint. Then I will go over two techniques that will help you save your presentations so that they will play correctly on other computers.