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Advanced PowerPoint Techniques

Creating a Narrated PowerPoint

A narrated PowerPoint combines a traditional presentation with the voice of the presenter(s) so that others can watch the lecture on their own computers. This video details the steps necessary to add your voice to a preexisting presentation.

Please note:

  1. You must use the latest version of PowerPoint (2010 or 2013 for win, 2011 for Mac)
  2. You must save your PowerPoint as a .pptx file (not a .ppt )

Preparing Your PowerPoint:

It is best to have your Presentation completed before you start adding narration. It is perfectly fine to edit your slides after adding narration but I would recommend saving a back up version of your sides before doing so.

I recommend not using Transitions and Animations in your Narrated Presentation. This can cause minor problems with playback so you should be prepared for some trouble shooting and possibly some rerecording if you want to use Animations or Transitions.


You have a few options for microphones.

  • Your laptop or web cam will most likely have a mic that you can use.
  • A head set with a mic built in ( you may borrow one of these from the MSC rm. 237).
  • Pro Mic with Blue Icicle attachment. This will give you the best sounding audio ( you may borrow one of these from the MSC rm. 237).


Once you have a mic, follow these steps to record the narration.

  1. Go to the slide that you want to start recording
  2. Click on the “slide show” tab at the top of the PowerPoint window
  3. Click on ” Record Slide Show”
  4. Choose “Record Slide Show From Current Slide”
  5. Click “Start” leaving both boxes checked
  6. Start speaking into the Mic, everything you say will now be a part of the slide currently on screen
  7. When you are ready to record the next slide, just advance as you normally would by hitting the space bar or right arrow.
  8. When you are done recording click the escape key or click on the ‘x’ in the dialogue box in the upper left. It may take a moment to save the audio.

Playing / Testing Your Audio:

To hear the narration that you have recorded just play your presentation as you normally would. Go to the slide show tab and click on the buttons to the left labeled ” from the beginning” to play from the first slide or ” from current slide” to play from the current slide.


It is very important that you save your file in the .pptx file format. The older .ppt file format will not save your narration correctly.