Good Standing

The academic status of every student is reviewed at the end of each semester. Failure to make satisfactory progress and remain in Good Standing can result in Academic Probation, Suspension for a stated time or until stated conditions are met, or Dismissal, as detailed below.

Full-time students maintain good academic standing when they meet all three of the following goals:

  • earn at least 12 academic credits in the semester just completed
  • achieve a semester GPI (Grade Point Index is a single-semester indicator, calculated by dividing the grade points earned) of at least 2.00
  • maintain a cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average is a cumulative average, calculated across all enrolled semesters) of at least 2.00

Please note that academic credits do not include PDP (Physical Education and Dance) credits. Grades for transfer credits are not counted in your BU grade point average.

Academic Probation

A student is put on Academic Probation when s/he is in danger of not making sufficient academic progress toward his/her degree, having fallen below a 2.00 GPI or GPA or not completed 12 credits in a semester. Students are reviewed after one semester on Academic Probation. Those who earn a GPI and GPA of 2.00 or above and complete 12 credits during the probationary semester will return to Good Standing. Those students who do not achieve Good Standing (as defined above) during the probationary semester will move to Academic Suspension, Dismissal, or a second semester of Academic Probation, as determined by Sargent College.

A student notified of being placed on academic probation should make an appointment with an Academic Counselor in the Academic Services Office, Room 207 to discuss these procedures by calling 617-353-2713 or via email Students can be on Academic Probation for no more than two consecutive semesters. Academic Probation does not prohibit students from participating in extracurricular activities or intercollegiate athletics.

Academic Suspension

A student faces Academic Suspension when s/he has spent one or two semesters on Probation and has not achieved Good Standing (as defined above) in the most recent semester of Academic Probation. Specifics regarding the duration and terms of the Academic Suspension will be determined by the Sargent College on a case-by-case basis. Final appeals of Suspension are directed to the Dean of Sargent College.

Reinstatement After Academic Suspension

Students who have fulfilled their period of Academic Suspension must meet with their academic advisor and must also reestablish their standing in the Sargent College by contacting the Assistant Dean of Student Services, Sharon Sankey. Students are reinstated to a probationary standing.


A student faces Dismissal from BU Sargent College if s/he has spent one or two semesters on Probation and has not achieved a GPI and GPA of 2.00 and completed 12 credits in the most recent semester of Academic Probation. A student also faces Dismissal if s/he has spent at least one semester on Suspension and has not fulfilled the terms of the Suspension.  Decisions on Dismissal are made by the individual School or College on a case-by-case basis.  Dismissal results in permanent separation from the University. Final appeals of Dismissal are directed to the Dean of Sargent College.