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Vocational Rehabilitation Center

Disabilities can create a special set of problems in the workplace. Our job is finding solutions.

At the Boston University Vocational Rehabilitation Center, we help people with physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory, or developmental disabilities maximize their career potential and find satisfying jobs.

Our clients include young adults receiving special education and students at risk of dropping out of school. We also help working adults who can no longer meet their current job requirements because of injury, illness, or age.

Our services to individuals include:

  • vocational evaluation to identify interests, aptitudes, and abilities
  • career-planning strategies for individuals with impairments or disabilities that present barriers to employment
  • rehabilitation services and return-to-work planning
  • coordination of job training with other community agencies and resources

We also work with schools, businesses, hospitals, and rehabilitation agencies to develop policies, programs, and vocational services. We help these organizations by:

  • developing career planning programs
  • providing technical assistance and training on disability management and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • analyzing the worksite for its “fit” with worker capabilities and limitations
  • evaluating worksite capacity to provide a range of disability services


To learn more, please contact (the VRC has moved to the Ryan Center):

Dr. Norman Hursh
Director, Vocational Rehabilitation Center
Boston University – Ryan Center for Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
915 Commonwealth Ave, Rear
Boston, MA  02215
Email (preferred):
Phone: 617-353-2709 or 358-3700

Privacy policy

The Vocational Rehabilitation Center follows explicit guidelines regarding the privacy of personal information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that we allow each client to review our privacy policy and collect a signed Privacy Acknowledgment Form.

Those considering using the services of the Vocational Rehabilitation Center can download and review the policy and print the form and bring it with them on their first visit. Copies are also available at the clinic and can be completed there.

Download Privacy Policy

Download Privacy Acknowledgment Form