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Video: Dr. William Dietz Delivers the 2015 Sargent College Convocation Address

SARCONVOWilliam H. Dietz, MD, PhD, director of the Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness at Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, delivered the 2015 Sargent College Commencement Address on Sunday, May 17, 2015.

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Everyday Health: “Occupational Therapy for AS”

SARFACULTY(6/9/15) Clinical Professor Karen Jacobs quoted.

Expert quote:

“Together we can identify where you’re having inflammation and discomfort.”

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“The 5 stages of grief, aka, my life on a 3-day juice cleanse” – Joan Salge Blake Quoted

Joan Salge Blake(6/8/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake quoted. 

Expert quote:

“The liver is a great organ, and the kidneys are, too. They allow you to get rid of waste products that the body doesn’t need.”

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Prevention: “Just How Bad Are Your Less-Than-Ideal Health Habits?”

for-website-Joan-Salge-Blake(6/1/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake quoted. 

Expert quote:

“This puts you in control of the food, not the other way around. If you restrict eating a food to only once a week, it perpetuates the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. So when you allow yourself to eat it, you binge on it like it’s the last train out of town.”

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MS in Speech-Language Pathology: Summer 2015 Information Sessions

The Master of Science Program in Speech-Language Pathology offers the following Summer 2015 information sessions:

  • Friday, June 19 at 4:00
  • Friday, July 17 at 4:00
  • Friday, August 21 at 4:00

To RSVP, please contact Allie Michels.

“Ready to help: Sister’s injury leads to inspiring career”

Sargent MSOT Sammi Saunders discusses her inspiration for becoming an Occupational Therapist.

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“Toxins in Food: Should You Worry?” – Joan Salge Blake Quoted

for-website-Joan-Salge-Blake(5/28/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake quoted. 

Expert Quote:

“Americans have the safest food supply in the entire world. If you have someone who has absolutely no background in science and nutrition saying these things just to scare people out of eating food, that’s a disservice.”

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“From Panera To McDonalds, Brands Move To ‘Un-Engineer’ Menus: Where That Matters, And Where It Doesn’t” – Joan Salge Blake Quoted

for-website-Joan-Salge-Blake(5/15/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake quoted. 

Expert Quote:

“This is a consumer trend. People want to be able to pronounce ingredients on the foods that they’re eating and are skeptical when they can’t.”

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Study: Racial disparity is narrowing in cancer mortality

(5/11/15, OncologyNurseAdvisor)

PortraitOKeefe“In a new study, Clinical Professor of Health Sciences Eileen O’Keefe and colleagues from Boston University College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College and Slone Epidemiology Center in Massachusetts, report major changes in cancer mortality in African Americans and Caucasians during the first decade of the 21st century. The researchers analyzed representative nationwide data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program of the National Cancer Institute.”

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WBUR: Colleges Work To Prevent Suicide And Fight Stigma Around Mental Health On Campus

Dori Hutchinson(5/11/15) Director of Services at BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Dori Hutchinson quoted.

Expert quote:

“I really feel there’s a lot of stigma around those issues. There’s enormous shame when a student is diagnosed that I think comes from our society, comes from people’s families. Part of what we’re doing in our suicide prevention efforts on campuses is that we’re trying to promote this idea that help seeking is a positive adult behavior, and that everyone struggles.”

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