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BU Today: “A Rare Syndrome, a Brother’s Love”


Photo by Cydney Scott

MS in Speech-Language Pathology student Max Kon (SAR’15) is studying a rare, often misdiagnosed genetic disorder, Smith-Magenis syndrome, which affects an estimated one in 25,000 people, including Kon’s brother.

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Everyday Health: “Is Your Child’s Backpack Causing Chronic Back Pain?”

SARFACULTY(7/15/15) Clinical Associate Professor Karen Jacobs quoted.

Expert quote:

“Wearing a backpack incorrectly or wearing one that’s too heavy can be a contributing risk factor for discomfort, fatigue, muscle soreness, and pain, especially in the lower back.”

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US News & World Report: “Are you a sodium sleuth?”

for-website-Joan-Salge-Blake(7/8/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake blogs for U.S. News & World Report.

If you are watchdogging the sodium in your diet, you are among friends. According to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50 percent of adults living in 26 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are actively trying to reduce their sodium intake…View full article

“How do babies learn to talk?” SLHS Professor Sudha Arunachalam quoted

(7/7/15) Assistant Professor of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences Sudha Arunachalam quoted.

Expert quote:

SARFACULTY“They understand so much more than they say. And they are listening very, very carefully. They are listening for patterns in what you say and they’re picking up on so much. So it’s important to remember that they’re listening and they might understand more than you think they do.”

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“Where did language come from?” -Sudha Arunachalam quoted

SARFACULTY(7/1/15) Clinical Professor Sudha Arunachalam quoted

Where did language come from? Is it possible to know without traveling back in time? And how do babies learn to speak?…

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Baking Business: “Nutrition education goes interactive”

QUATROMONI(6/26/15) Associate Professor Paula Quatromoni quoted. 

Expert quote:

“What we were after was really recognizing that there was an opportunity for social media with how much kids and pre-teens are on-line, and how difficult it is to make healthy food choices, and empowering kids to be physically active.”

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US News & World Report: “Eating Yourself Thin”

for-website-Joan-Salge-Blake(6/22/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake blogs for U.S. News & World Report.

“The next time you walk down the street, look up from your smartphone and do some people watching. According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine published today, almost every other male and every third female you’re eyeing will be overweight or obese…”

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for-website-Joan-Salge-Blake(6/22/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake quoted. 

Expert quote:

“We need more research, but to me, you can try [frontloading calories] if you don’t have any medical issues.”

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Boston University PT Students Recognized by Foundation for Physical Therapy

The Foundation for Physical Therapy recognized Boston University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program with honorable mention for their fundraising efforts through the 2014-2015 Miami-Marquette Challenge. Honorable Mention is awarded to schools who contribute $3,000 or more to the annual student-led Challenge.

DPT student Aimee Winston accepts the award on behalf of Sargent College.

The award recipients of the 2014-2015 Miami-Marquette Challenge were announced during the Foundation’s 2015 Gala at APTA’s NEXT Conference and Exposition in National Harbor, MD on June 4. Physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students from 146 schools across the country raised $275,423 to support physical therapy research.

The Challenge is the Foundation’s signature annual fundraising campaign and since its inception in 1989, 235 schools have participated in raising more than $3 million for physical therapy research.

Funds raised through the Challenge support a $40,000 research grant and a Promotion of Doctoral Studies (PODS I) scholarship of $7,500 to physical therapist researchers. Since 2002, the Challenge has specifically funded more than 20 research grants and scholarships, and also partially funded the $300,000 Clagett Family Research Grant in 2010. The Challenge also annually supports the rigorous scientific review process for all Foundation grants and scholarships.

The 2015-2016 Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge kicks off at the National Student Conclave in Omaha, Nebraska on October 22.

Prevention: “6 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat”

for-website-Joan-Salge-Blake(6/17/15) Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake quoted. 

Expert quote:

Nothing dramatic is going to happen biochemically.

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