The Student Expense Budget

The figures below are the student expense budget for the academic year 2014/15, set by the BU Financial Assistance office and approved by federal granting agencies. The budget represents average 9-month costs and a standard personal living allowance for a full-time graduate student with no dependents.

Tuition $45,686
Other Fees $636
Room & Board $12,310
Personal $3,050
Transportation $1,120
Books & Supplies $1,088
Direct Loan Fee $200
TOTAL $64,090

This budget total, with the addition of clinical education fees plus a medical insurance premium (Basic Plan $1,941 or Plus Plan $2,610), is the maximum you may receive in all forms of financial aid combined. The expense budget may be adjusted in individual documented circumstances. The cost per credit is $1,428.

Clinical Education Fees

In addition to tuition costs, the following fees are charged for clinical affiliations:

Occupational Therapy:
$2,856 (Charged in the final semester of on-campus program)

Doctor of Physical Therapy:
$5,712 total ($1,428/year in Spring semester of the first two years, $2,856 in final semester of program)

Master of Science/Dietetic Internship:
$1,000 (paid to the internship site)

Medical Insurance Premium

Because Massachusetts state law requires students to have adequate medical insurance, full-time BU students are charged for medical insurance each fall semester. The 2013/14 premium is: Basic Plan $1,941 or Plus Plan $2,610.

If you have insurance coverage through your parents or your own health plan, you can have the charge removed from your BU account by downloading and submitting a Medical Insurance Waiver form. Or you can waive the insurance online on the BU Student Link. Select the “Money Matters” tab, and then click on “Medical Insurance.”

Payment Policy

Boston University does not accept credit cards for tuition, fees, or deposit payments for full-time students. Checks must be made payable to Boston University. Deposits made when accepting an offer of admission will be credited to your semester bill.

Although BU doesn’t offer its own deferred payment plan for full-time students, parents may arrange for financing through private agencies. This should be done well before the start of the academic year. For more information, contact Student Accounting Services at 617-353-2264 or 881 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215-1390.