Several types of financial aid are available to students:

  1. Merit Scholarships: Merit scholarships are awarded to the top applicants. These scholarships are renewed at the same funding level during the second year of the program if the student remains in good academic standing.
  2. Teaching assistantships: The department awards a number of teaching assistantships to MS students each year. Students interested in being considered for these positions are requested to write a letter to the department chair stating their interest and identifying the courses they feel they would be most qualified to TA. Time commitment for TA positions is usually 5–10 hours a week. Students are paid an hourly wage.
  3. Need-based scholarships and loans: All need-based scholarships, loans, and work-study are administered through the Sargent College Financial Aid office. FAFSA forms must be filed by the posted deadline in order for a student to be considered for these awards.
  4. Stipends: A few clinical placements award stipends to students.