Would you like to spend a semester in Paris or Australia? How about London or Spain?

Many SLHS majors have done just that, not only for the adventure of travel but also for the valuable cross-cultural and multilingual experience – important to anyone studying communication disorders. In fact, career opportunities are especially promising for bilingual clinicians in speech-language pathology.

Boston University offers dozens of excellent study abroad programs on four continents, and we encourage you to consider these opportunities. Spring of junior year is an ideal time for study abroad. If you’re interested, consult with your advisor as early as possible to work out a plan that includes a semester abroad while completing your degree requirements.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Internship Program
Work in hospital rehabilitation, therapy, or education programs; social service departments; or community care centers.

London, England

London Internship Program
Participate in the daily work life of hospital administration, rehabilitation, play therapy, or education programs; health center administration; community care centers; or social activist organizations.

Paris, France

Paris Internship Program
Observe and assist in hospital, rehabilitation, therapy, or educational programs. Serve in health center administration, social service departments, community care centers, or social activist organizations.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid Internship Program
Study health care and human services issues and participate in the daily work life of hospital rehabilitation, therapy, or education programs.