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Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health

Senior Program Coordinator:

Kelsey Berdeguez617-358-5477

From global epidemics to health disparities to health care policy, the concerns of public health focus on improving the health of communities, locally and worldwide. If you wish to extend a strong background in one of the health sciences to a career in public health this combined undergraduate and master’s program may be ideal for you.

The program is available to sophomore students with a strong academic record, majoring in any of the Sargent College concentrations, with the exception of BS/DPT students. It takes just five years of full-time study to earn the dual degree: Bachelor of Science degree in one of the specified concentrations at BU College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College and the Master of Public Health degree in any one of the concentrations at the BU School of Public Health.

Freshman interested in the BS/MPH program must enroll in a Sargent undergraduate major by going through the usual admissions process.  Students will be eligible to apply to the BS/MPH starting in their sophomore year at Boston University.