*Please note: The new BS program in Behavior and Health has replaced the undergraduate program in Therapeutic Studies (BS/MSOT). Contact us for updated information about this program.

Public schools and nursing homes, hand clinics and homeless shelters, rehab units and early intervention centers. The greater Boston area provides BU Sargent College students a wealth of opportunities to gain clinical experience in a wide variety of settings and roles. We encourage you to explore your own areas of interest throughout the professional program, beginning with Level I Fieldwork, your introduction to OT practice.

In each of the four academic semesters of the MSOT professional program, you’ll participate in a semester-long LIFW experience. During your first year, you’ll work in two different fieldwork settings: one with and one without an occupational therapist. During the second year, you’ll be actively providing occupational therapy services to individuals and groups in community settings.

These LIFW experiences are part of the curriculum’s Integrative Seminar sequence. Using examples from your fieldwork experiences during class discussion will help you make strong connections between course-based learning and clinical practice.

Download List of Level I Fieldwork Sites.