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BS/MSOT Degree Requirements*

*Please note: The new BS program in Behavior and Health has replaced the undergraduate program in Therapeutic Studies (BS/MSOT). Contact us for updated information about this program.

A minimum of 128 semester credits are required to earn the Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Studies degree, and a cumulative minimum total of 160 credits (64 credits from graduate-level 500+ courses) is required for the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degree. Successful completion of 24 weeks of supervised fieldwork is also required prior to program completion. These fieldwork hours are completed after the academic portion of the program, extending the program’s official end by a minimum of 6 months, dependent upon fieldwork site availability.

It is assumed that students receiving a BS in Therapeutic Studies will continue on to complete requirements for the MSOT degree.

BS degree recipients who do not complete MSOT requirements are not eligible to apply for fieldwork, national certification, or occupational therapy licensure.

Students cannot use AP or transferred college credit to reduce the curriculum from five years to four.

Grade Point Average

The Occupational Therapy program requires a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.7 by the end of the junior year (i.e., by the end of summer session before the start of the fall semester senior year). Students who do not meet the GPA requirement at the stipulated time may not continue matriculation in the Occupational Therapy program.

More Questions?

Please see our many helpful PDF downloads on the right side-bar including our BS/MSOT Information Booklet (10+ pages of information), Virtual Tour (BU Sargent College classrooms and facilities), and Meet Our Faculty (faculty expertise and interests). If you have further questions, please contact BU Undergraduate Admissions or an Academic Counselor at BU Sargent College’s Academic Services Center ( or 617-353-2713).