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Admission & Transfer Requirements*

*Please note: The new BS program in Behavior and Health has replaced the undergraduate program in Therapeutic Studies (BS/MSOT). Contact us for updated information about this program.

We encourage applicants (especially those who are unsure if they want to study occupational therapy or what occupational therapy is) to observe or shadow an occupational therapist. Applicants can arrange an observation by contacting the Occupational Therapy Dept at a local facility. Observations in a population in which you are interested would be helpful (if you are interested in children, try a school setting). If possible, applicants should chat with the occupational therapist to find out what they do.

Please visit the Boston University Undergraduate Admissions website for application requirements and deadlines, standardized tests, average GPA and SAT scores for last year’s admitted freshman class, and estimated annual costs.  Any questions, please contact Boston University’s Undergraduate Admissions at or 617-353-2300.

Transfer Admission

The BS/MSOT program considers transfer applicants through the end of the sophomore year. Students must complete all pre-professional requirements before beginning Senior/MSOT-1 year. Transfer students must meet the prerequisites for the year of the Occupational Therapy program in which they enroll. An individual plan will be developed for you in consultation with your advisor. Transfer applicants must file their application by April 1 for September admission, and by November 1 for January admission. Please note the last class that we will be accepting transfers:

Class Last Accepted BS/MSOT Transfers
Freshman no Freshman transfers after Jan/Spring 2013
Sophomore no Sophomore transfers after Jan/Spring 2014
  • Intra-university transfers (within Boston University) should meet with an academic advisor in the BU Sargent Academic Services Center (room SAR-207,
  • External transfers should submit an application to BU Undergraduate Admissions Office.

NOTE:  You cannot use AP or transferred college credit to reduce the curriculum from five years to four.

Essential Skills

Full participation in the academic and clinical portions of the occupational therapy program requires the ability to perform a set of essential skills. The list of Essential Skills for OT can be reviewed here. Students who anticipate difficulty performing one or more of these functions because of a disability are encouraged to consult with Boston University Disability Services to determine eligibility for reasonable accommodations in both classroom and fieldwork aspects of the degree program.

More questions?

Please see our many helpful PDF downloads on the right side-bar including our BS/MSOT Information Booklet (10+ pages of information), Virtual Tour (BU Sargent College classrooms and facilities), and Meet Our Faculty (faculty expertise and interests). If you have further questions, please contact BU Undergraduate Admissions or an Academic Counselor at BU Sargent College’s Academic Services Center ( or 617-353-2713).