Deadline: February 15. Late applications will not be reviewed.

This program is for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and have or will be receiving a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) Verification Statement. The DPD Verification statement MUST be sent to the dietetic internship director prior to the start of the program.

Applicants are required to complete a baccalaureate degree and the Graduate Record Exam General Test (institutional code 3087). The TOEFL exam is required for all students whose first language is not English. Students receiving degrees from universities outside of the U.S. must provide evaluation of their transcripts from an organization such as WES.

You should apply using the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) National Computer Matching process. It is our policy that every student matched to our program will be guaranteed financial aid in the amount of $10,000.

The MS+DI participates in the AND Computer Match through D&D Digital, 304 Main Street, Ames, Iowa 50010. Telephone: 515-292-0400.

The Boston University Academic Calendar can be found here.

How To Apply

  1. BU Online Application for Graduate Admissions
  2. Online Dietetic Internship Centralized Application Service (DICAS).

Please note the following when applying to our program using DICAS:

  • Official GRE sores must be received by February 15. Enter the Sargent College code (3087) when you take the GRE. The scores will be sent directly to our admissions office.
  • The personal statement must be limited to a maximum of 500 words and must answer ONLY the following question: ” What qualities and skills will I bring to my studies and eventual practice in the field of nutrition and dietetics?”
  • Recommendation forms should be completed by individuals who are familiar with your academic ability and/or professional work experience. Note that recommendations are only required for the DICAS application. Sargent does not require recommendations as part of the College’s Graduate Application.

How to apply for financial assistance.