Applicants are required to complete a baccalaureate degree and the Graduate Record Exam General Test  (institutional code 3087). The TOEFL exam is required for all students whose first language is not English. Students receiving degrees from universities outside of the U.S. must provide evaluation of their transcripts from an organization such as WES.

Prerequisite courses taken at another university are subject to approval by the Boston University Nutrition program in consultation with the relevant College of Arts & Sciences department. Please be advised that all prerequisite courses should be completed at a four-year college or university. In general, credits from online courses and community colleges are not suitable preparation for the subsequent, rigorous demands of the curriculum.

You must complete the BU Sargent College Graduate School Application, which requires submitting three letters of reference, preferably from individuals who are familiar with your academic ability and/or professional work experience. The personal statement must be limited to 500 words.  Visit our Graduate Program page for more information on How to Apply.

Prerequisite courses include general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, microbiology and physiology. All must be taken with a lab. Additionally, courses in writing, biochemistry and statistics must have been completed. All courses must be complete, stand alone courses. In other words, if biology is offered as a two semester sequence (biology 1 and biology 2), both semesters must be completed. Minor deficiencies in prerequisite coursework may be completed during graduate studies but this may extend the period of graduate study. Students are encouraged to apply even if they have not completed all prerequisite coursework. If they are accepted into the program they will then have a faculty advisor to help with selection of appropriate prerequisite courses.

Application Deadline:
Applications must be received by February 1. Late applications will not be reviewed.