The mission of the Boston University Didactic Program in Dietetics (BUDPD) is to teach and apply knowledge in food, nutrition, and dietetics. The BUDPD strives to create an environment that fosters the critical thinking, communication skills, and commitment to lifelong learning necessary for graduates to provide the highest quality of food and nutrition services.


  1. The DPD will prepare graduates to enter a Dietetic Internship (DI), a graduate program, or the job market.
  2. The DPD will encourage students to engage in lifelong learning.

Outcome Measures for Goal 1

  1. At least 80 percent of the juniors in the DPD will complete their program within three years.
  2. At least 80 percent of the students in the DPD will achieve a GPA of 2.5 or higher at graduation.
  3. At least 75 percent of the graduates of the DPD who can be contacted will enter a DI within five years of completing the DPD.
  4. Each student will be surveyed one year after graduation to assess their academic preparation for their DI, graduate program, or job. At least 80 percent of the students responding will report satisfactory preparation.
  5. One year after graduation, an evaluation will be sent to the director of each DI into which our students were placed when they were in their senior year at Boston University. Of the evaluations that are returned, at least 80 percent of students will receive a satisfactory score.
  6. The pass rate for first-time test takers on the Registration Examination will be at least 80 percent

Outcome Measures for Goal 2

  1. At least 80 percent of the graduates of the DPD program who have completed a DI and passed the registration exam will maintain their RD status five years after graduation.
  2. Five years after completion of the program, at least 50 percent of graduates will be employed in the field of nutrition or a related field or demonstrate involvement in professional activities.